What is the shipping address and why do I need it?

The shipping address is the address that the shipping company will go to when deliver you’re the products to you, where you must have at least one main address. It is essential that you clearly describe the directions of your address using known landmarks where it is easy to reach. It’s also important to use the map to accurately determine your location. Once you save the address details, the site will need you to check the mobile number you have used, which will ensure that this mobile is activated and thus facilitate communication with you when you ship your product to your address.

Before buying on the payment page choose the appropriate shipping company and the city to which the order will be shipped and the shipping value. Confirm the address info to which the order will be sent. If the shipping address is not your personal address, please modify the address of the receiver. After you make the purchase, you will receive an email from us with the shipment tracking number of the company you selected. If you do not receive the product within seven business days from the date of sending the shipment, please let us know by e-mail: [email protected]

Upon receiving of the order, you will receive an email from us to confirm.

How is shipping and delivery done at ohlalapazar.com?

Ohlalapazar store sends your orders via third party shipping companies to ensure you receive the best service and deliver your orders in a timely manner.

There are products that are prohibited from being shipped in order to ensure the safety of the employees and the product being shipped. In order to obtain the satisfaction of the customers, we do not ship the products that can be considered as risky and prohibited by law, as follows:

  • All papers and documents that can be sent by official mail under Law No. 6475.
  • Messages, envelope, cards containing a conversation.
  • Products which, by their nature or the nature of their packaging, can endanger people or the product itself or the products that are flammable or quick-tempered.
  • Corrosive organic matter or radioactive material.
  • All types of drugs, Morphine, cocaine and opium.
  • Live and dead animals.
  • Living plants.
  • Human organs and funeral.
  • All materials that contain references, writings or portraits that go against public ethics and which provoke lawbreaking.
  • Materials that may not be acquired or transferred except under certain laws.
  • Funds, bonds, checks and all-important notes (food checks, stock, bonds).
  • Gold, silver, gems, and jewellery.
  • Short-term spoilable materials such as meat, fish, chicken, cleaning fluids, kitchen oils, motor oils and paint materials.
  • All types of firearms, bullets and parts except empty hunting rifles sent between the factory and the dealership.
  • Magnetic materials.