Purchased Products Return Policy

I want to return my product, what is the return policy, which products can be returned?
You can return the product you purchased by submitting a product return request to ohlalapazar.com store within 7 days of receipt of the shipment under the following conditions:
1- In this context, you will not pay any “shipping costs” for products you return.
2- Gifts and promotional products of the product must be returned with the original product and condition.
Return terms are as follows:
§ The product must be returned with original box / packaging and invoice.
§ All standard accessories that come with the product must be undamaged and fully enclosed with their original packaging.
§ Gifts and promotional products of the Product must be shipped with the product and in its original condition.
In the case of electronic products, telephone cable, photography machine, portable electronic devices … etc. The protective tape should not be removed on the product screen, and there may be no scratches, damage, or exposure to liquids on the display of the device or anywhere else on the device.
Returns should not be:
· Products that are prepared according to the consumer’s specific wishes (Customized or special request) or clearly according to their personal needs, are not suitable for return and cannot be requested to be returned.
· All kinds of software, all types of software processor (CPU), DVD, VCD, CD and cassette, computer consumables and stationery (toner powder, cartridge, cannot be returned as a gift.
· Health products (such as underwear), supermarket products (such as food products), newspapers and magazines cannot be returned.
· Products (gold group) whose price is quoted in the stock market or other regulated markets cannot be returned.
I want to return my product, what should I do?
§ To return the product you purchased, please read and fill out the return request form from the link below before sending your product to ohlalapazar.com.
§ All standard accessories that come with the product must be returned undamaged and fully enclosed with their original packaging.
§ Product refund procedures cannot be completed on behalf of the company unless the return invoice is issued.
Request to Return and Refund:
Log in to my account and go to the order list.
1- Press Return.
2- Fill out the form and press submit.
3- We will provide you with a special code of the shipping company through which you can recharge your goods free of charge and therefore the employee of the shipping company will receive the request from you.
4- We will process your order and reply by email.
5- If approved, the value of the item will be refunded.
Will I pay the shipping fee when I return my product?
§ Shipping charges will not be paid for return transactions. In this regard, you can send us via the agreed shipping service using the “Cargo Shipping Code” which will be sent to your email address.
§ You can also access the “shipping code” that is sent to your email address via the app tracking link.
How do I get the shipping company information and give the product?
For shipping inside Turkey, it is a local shipping where simply you can tell the shipping company which delivered the product to you that you want to return the product. Inform them that you want to return the product to the same mailing address on the invoice that you received with the product. The product is should not be sent to return before the request is approved by ohlalapazar.com, receiving the shipping code and the product notice number that you will give to the shipping agent when you return the product.
How will I track the process once I submit the product?
§ Once the product is received by ohlalapazar.com in the same conditions as it was sent without damage and in the packaging, with the accessories, promotional items and gifts that have been attached with the product, and after examining and to ensuring their safety, the return process is approved.
§ If refund is accepted, refund will be made within 5 working days according to our return policy.
When and how can I receive the refund of the returned product?
§ When the product fee recovery is complete, a message will be sent to your e-mail and your mobile phone according to the contact details you provided us.
§ If you choose “Credit Card” as a payment method; the amount will be refunded to your credit card directly online.
§ Your refund payment time may vary depending on the banks processing time.