About Us

Ohlalapazar.com site is one of the activities of PERLA ELEKTRONIK INDUSTRIAL AND COMMERCIAL LIMITED Company, licensed in Turkey in Gaziantep city. It is one of the first multilingual sites that support Arabic to target Arabs living in Turkey, middle east and the Arabian Gulf.

Our site will initially contain about 1,000,000 products in Turkey, which will in turn be available to 90 million shoppers of Turks, Arabs and foreigners residents and tourists. Our site serves as a retailer by offering safe shopping experience with many secure and reliable online payment methods or through cash on delivery when receiving the product and the possibility of return the product free of charge.

Our website provides excellent logistic services to the seller and buyer to ensure delivery of purchases during standard times within Turkey at competitive prices. In addition to that our site provides advertising services by booking spaces and banners on the website pages in the country agreed upon.

Many people may find it difficult to shop online because they do not have bank accounts, credit cards and they may not trust online shopping sites. So we decided to make this process easy and available to every citizen in Turkey and foreigners in general, where our site contains three languages ​​currently and it is possible to add other languages ​​as planned in our future plans.